George Floyd: Racism Strikes Again

The world lost another beautiful soul on May 25. George Floyd. 46 year old African-American. Did he deserve this? No.

Warning: May contain graphic content.

On May 25, police officers arrived in Powderhorn, Minnesota to arrest Floyd regarding a forgery. According to a co-owner of Cup Foods, Floyd attempted to use a $20 bill that a staff “suspected” as counterfeit. He also stated that Floyd “appeared to be under influence.” Police said that Floyd physically resisted arrest. After a lot of struggle, Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down on the street. Videos taken by bystanders show Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis officer, with his knee on the right side of Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Three other officers participated in Floyd’s arrest.

One video shows Floyd saying quote, ” I can’t breathe. My neck hurts. My stomach hurts. Everything hurts. Don’t kill me.” But Chauvin continues torture Floyd. At 9:25 am, George Floyd is pronounced dead by hospital authorities. Chauvin and the other officers were fired. Chauvin is charged under Third degree murder and Second degree manslaughter.

Ex-officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on the victim George Floyd

Why did this happen? Just because someone had a dark complex? It didn’t look accidental. The officer, no, the murderer was enjoying what he was doing. Who gave him the right? No one has the right to take another life just because he/she is protected by law. This wasn’t a normal crime. This is a hate crime. A racism murder. A loving father, brother, best friend, nephew, partner and son. He died because he wasn’t white. He died because he wasn’t one of them. Do black lives not matter? Are they not humans?

George Floyd

People all over the world are protesting. It’s not wrong (protests are not wrong provided they are peaceful). If we stay quiet today, the same thing can happen tomorrow. Or even worse. I am completely mortified by what is happening right now. One death and this exposes the rotten racism in US. White supremacy and Racism. Words that have bigger and deeper meanings hidden behind the crimes they cause.

Someone who didn’t deserve death has died. And the ones who did this are alive. Is this justice? It’s too late to keep quiet now. We need to stand up against racism. Against hate crimes. Because black lives matter. They are humans too. And we need to ignite the fires of humanity, starting now. May his soul find peace. May justice be done to his beautiful soul. May the lord give his family strength. Amen.

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