Just Some Random Stuff

Okay. It is time to get honest with you all now. I’ve been thinking of what to blog about for the past one week. Quarantine is not fun. I am experiencing boredom at its peak. So many thoughts, all muddled up. So, I have decided that today I’m just going to talk about whatever comes to my mind. WARNING: Some contents won’t make sense. Those with IQ above 110 please do not proceed. Continue at your own risk.

If you are reading this, congratulations. You have accepted the fact that your IQ is below 110. Welcome to my world. For those of you who don’t know me, I am just an ordinary 15 year old who stumbled across WordPress and decided to irritate others online with my “magical thoughts.” It takes a lot of courage to do that. (I warned you.)

Okay, lemme get to the point. I think there is something wrong with me. You know,there’s that feeling when you are watching meerkats on National Geography and you automatically connect to them. You are in the zoo, watching a chimpanzee dozing off and you again feel the same connection. I’ve been feeling like this for a very long time now. Maybe I am not who I think I am. You know, I look human. But I think I’ve actually got the soul of an animal. I look at my pet fish and I wish I was one of them. I see the birds fly and I wish I could fly too. (Probably everyone does.) I wish I could run free like a deer, hunt like a lion or even roam under the beautiful night skies like a fox. Because sometimes, it just hurts to be human.(Hurts 2B human. You know that song.)

I love nature. I love animals. Infact, I want to become a veterinarian. It’s a childhood dream you can say. This connection that I never felt with humans, I feel it with these animals. I am scared of roaches and spiders and lizards and worms. But that’s different. I adore them too. Yesterday, I stood in my veranda and I was thinking that how peaceful it might be for the animals out there. Mother nature has put us in such a condition that we long to enjoy but we can’t. Every dog has its day and 2020 is not our year (apparently every dog has its year too.) As the cool breeze blew against my face, I gazed at the stars ( I saw only one though) and just wanted to let myself free and soar high above everything that is happening right now. I wanted to experience the freedom that the birds have and the joy that they share now. Right now, we are no better than the caged animals we see in zoos. It has just been a few months and we already feel suffocated. What about those creatures who are locked up until their last breath?

Quite an emotional topic for me. But I just wanted to share with you how I feel about this journey we are going through. It’s time that we look at nature in a different way. Let this pandemic be a lesson to all of us that Mother nature won’t hesitate to hurt us (human beings) just to teach us that freedom cannot be chained.

That’s it, folks. I have put everything that I thought would be worth sharing. You got a bonus too. (That is, you get to know that I am a 15 year old with an IQ below 110 and I am a secret animal.) Not sure if the bonus helps though. And to end, stay safe and stay cool.

PS: I just wanted to give a shout out to The Anxious Introvert. Go check it out. Why? Because you will love the content. I totally do.


Creating A Society Full Of Kindness

The world, we live in, offers us many choices.  We can be anything we want, as long as it is good.  How many of us have chosen to be kind?  To quote, Dr. Wayne Dyer “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind”. And, I believe that every kind act is always right in its own way.

Kindness!  It is the quality that brings life in a dead soul.  The most powerful weapon, second only to love.  It is a quality that is hidden deep inside mankind.  A quality that defines who you are.  Above all, kindness is that one trait that takes humanity to a whole new level.  If you look at the world around you, you’ll notice that people have no idea of what kindness is.  They are too caught up in their jobs that they do not have time for love and care.  Of course, not an extinct attribute, society still has certain people who prove that magnanimity and kindness exist.  In today’s generation, kindness is what the nation is looking for along with jobs.  When you live in a society filled with blooming kindness, that hidden quality of yours turns to goodness and it is this goodness that makes the society magical.

We are often thought to give love and care to everyone irrespective of their background.  We were often told accounts and legends of great personalities who conquered the world with just a small act of kindness.  If they could do it, what’s stopping us then?  I grew up in a society watching people who made kindness their strength and not just a trait.  I was thought to be kind, clement and caring.  Of course, it isn’t easy to follow all these, especially when you are a teenager.  But that didn’t stop me from carrying out my small acts.  I remember when I was back in eighth grade, we had our classes on the second floor and the juniors had theirs on the first floor.  We had to use stairs.  And I used to watch them lift their heavy trolley bags with wheels.  That’s when I decided to step in and help.  I carried their bags to the first floor.  And you know what the best thing about helping other is?  It not only makes the other person happy, it makes you happy too.  You feel remarkable.

This was just one way of creating a society full of kindness.  If not greater things, you can always show small acts of kindness.  Listening to someone when they share a problem, giving compliments, holding the door for someone, telling a joke and making someone’s day, buying a meal for a homeless person, giving leftovers to the stray animals and even visiting the old age homes qualify as a kind act.  Kindness can be followed by students in school too, by helping someone complete their notes, helping friends understand a math problem, saying thank you to a teacher or even by sharing a pen or sharing your breakfast.  A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.  You never know, but sometimes even a smile can help a person who has had a bad, depressing day.

It is only when you set an example, that people around you get inspired and motivated to follow you.  In a world filled with insecurities and savagery, a simple act of kindness is enough to move mountains.  But one should keep in mind not to confuse between being kind and being nice.  You can be kind to someone you are not nice to and vice versa.  It is nice to listen to someone, but it is kind when you make an effort to help them.

In today’s society, where greed is overtaking, people should learn to be kind, but not expect anything in return.  Kindness always repays.  There will be a day where the person you helped will repay your kindness.  I strongly believe that by creating a society of kindness, we are setting an example for the future.   After all, three things in human society are very important.  The first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.


The Struggle of Self-identity

When we set out to search for our identity, what is it that we are really looking for?

Who am I? Where do I belong? What do I really want? Before we begin to find answers to these questions, let us ask ourselves one question.

Am I really who I pretend to be?

There is a saying that goes, ” The happiest person has the deepest scars.” Maybe they are not talking about a physical scar. Perhaps its an emotional scar. What do we normally do to hide our scars? We wear masks. And it is this mask that leads us to the questions I placed in the beginning of this article.

Scars, over here, represent our FEARS and our FLAWS. We all wear masks to hide our weaknesses. We don’t want others to know what we are going through. We just want to show everyone that we are fine. You know what these masks do? They rob us of reality. We are so afraid to face reality that we start hiding our identity.

You’ve probably heard of the expressions, heart of steel, heart of stone, heart of gold etc. What if I told you that in reality, our hearts are made of glass. And we all have got multiple cracks. Some deep and others barely present. Each crack represents the struggles and problems we have faced. But we don’t want to feel weak. We don’t want our scars to remind us of our pain. We just want to be someone we cannot be. How are we going to find who we are when we hide our true identity ourselves? What we are looking for is right within ourselves.

I agree I am not one of the ” unmasked.” In Fact I have a mask for every situation, for every person I have to meet. When our heart breaks or when we fail to achieve something, our scars deepen. As a result, our masks tighten permanently. And we are forever stripped off from reality. Our identity gets stuck within ourselves. And the funny thing is that it is when we are broken that we set out to find our true meaning of being alive. Yeah, that is a fact.

So, instead of pretending to be happy, find out what makes you unhappy. Try to work on it. It might be hard, but try being yourself for one day. You’ll like the change. We gotta get rid of those masks. Not the safety ones. We need those. Bad humour. Sorry. In the end, life is all about self-identity. It doesn’t end. You know what? Death is a major key. It is death that gives life its meaning. Or else, nothing would make life precious. Struggles are part of growing out of life’s biggest struggle : fear itself.

~Consulting Blogger (only 15)


A Thought of Enlightenment

Locking me up won’t do any good. How long are you going to stay closed? Time doesn’t wait. Then why are you waiting?

We spend our entire lives searching for answers. Answers to questions we don’t understand. What is it that we really want? The answers to these questions or an answer to end all these questions?

You know what our problem is? We all have got cracks. But instead of fixing these, we just paint over the cracks. We are in a situation now where the world, our Earth, has got a deep crack. What are we gonna do about it? FIX IT or FAKE IT? FILL IT or HIDE IT?

Our faith is being put to test now. Our faith in humanity, in religion, in ourselves. Why does it all end with faith? Another question that is worth finding an answer for.

Now we come back to the current situation. Lot of people doing lot of good deeds. Humanity. I remember a few months back when I questioned myself whether humanity still existed or not? I knew it did. But what I wanted to know was if the very idea of humanity was to be selfless or just someone doing something that had to be done. Now, we find humanity climbing to reach its peak, though this is just one side of the same coin.

In this time of crisis, we realize how vulnerable every life is. That you actually only live once. Problems come and go. Diseases come and go. But what remains behind is the experience gained and the lessons learnt.

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing everything to bring back our lifestyle to how it was before. We all have a part to play. It depends upon how we play it. For good.

Stay safe. Stay healthy



Finally. The time has come to bring to you my very first official poem.

Presenting to you, ENGRAVED

Deep in the heart's core,
A thought arose so sore.
'If only I could break away
From the chains of the distant past.'

The heart is a stone;
Engraved within a message lone.
'Liberty is the greatest gift,
Mercy, the strongest weapon.'

Sculpted with beauty and grace,
She was adorned with the sun's rays.
She was born to nature, to love
Her father's words, her only foe.

Her soul is a burning fire,
Engraved with the deepest desire.
'To love is what I chose
To love is what mankind wants.'

Listen, oh listen to the cry!
She was chosen, without a sigh.
Fine feathers don't make fine birds;
Her future was engraved ere her past.
~Jane Jaclyn (Consulting Blogger)



Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Lost Friendships?

It’s funny. I never knew you could suffer from an heartbreak because of a friendship lost. Man, that sh*t hurts.

You would always smile and look at your watch. You would never want the time to end. You just wanted to be in that moment with that “someone” you called your “best friend.” And then time actually stops. You’re there. Your best friend is there. The both of you are talking. But not to each other. You are talking to his voice in your head. Replaying all those old conversations. He, on the other hand, is talking to his “girl.” It’s funny. They say that nothing can break the bond between two friends. They’re wrong. Love is blind? That’s true. You forget all the people you were with before. All of a sudden we are the bad ones. We are the wrong ones.

We always meet different kind of people in different stages of our lives. Then why does it hurt when you lose one person? Because you were not just acquaintances. You were connected through something much beyond. You met many people, made many friends. But you chose to make that one person your “Best Friend.” It not just hurts the one who is left behind. Deep down, it hurts the one who left. The only difference is that the former accepts it, the latter doesn’t. Sometimes you learn life’s toughest lessons from the ones who hurt you. You learn the right lessons from the wrong people. We all make mistakes. When we make mistakes, we realize who stays and who leaves.

Now everyone walks with a knife in their hands. Common fear among youngsters today? Betrayal. One hand might hold you, the other might stab you. What’s the difference between an enemy and a friend? It doesn’t hurt when an enemy betrays you or leaves you. But when a friend does, it’s the end. Why did I lose my friend? Was I betrayed? Yes. I was betrayed. Not by my best friend. I was betrayed by my emotions. By his words. By the promises we made. By the memories we made. By those old conversations we had. By those empty thoughts we shared.

There are four of us now. Excluding him. Well, we did try to make it work. But you can’t get the trust back. You can’t keep your mouth shut. His tongue betrayed his heart. And I’m glad it did. At least I know what place I stood at in his circle. We don’t talk now. Even if we do, it’s all academic related. I would want to thank him though (not sarcastic). He taught me a tough lesson. That we are often let down by the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things we haven’t done, while others ignore our faults and just want to see our smiles. Some leave us when we need them the most, while others stay even when we ask them to leave. The world is a mixture of people. We just need to know which hand to hold and which hand to let go. After all, that’s life; learning to hold on and learning to let go.

My message? Give the wrong people a chance. They won’t leave without teaching you a lesson.

~Queen ‘B’ / Consulting Blogger


DEMOCRACY: Peace And Harmony?

So I just came across something I read on the net. Quote, “I am a democrat. I believe in freedom. I don’t need rules. I don’t need regulations.” ~Anonymous

Me: Okay. But that doesn’t mean you can murder your neighbour with a sledge hammer or even shoot your dog. Also me: But isn’t that what’s exactly happening in democratic countries?


It’s not something new when we read about protests, mass shootings or violation of rights. What’s new is the way democracy has taken a turn. I wouldn’t be very surprised if people start choosing dictatorship over democracy. I am from a democratic country (for namesake) and I have been living in a country that follows constitutional monarchy for the past 12 years. I feel that constitutional monarchy is the new democracy. Now that’s totally my opinion.


Let me know your answer. See you soon!



I always get ideas when I visit the washroom. Blogging was one such idea. You see, talking isn’t really my thing. But when it comes to writing on the same topic, I work magic. At least that’s how I feel.

I’ve always been really curious about things people don’t seem to question. There are certain rules and regulations that i feel aren’t really of any importance. There are certain aspects of the society that one cannot talk out loud. And because I cannot express myself by talking, I choose to blog.


I write about my opinions on the way the society functions. These are completely MY OPINIONS.

I write about the things I love and the ones I don’t. I am conducting a few researches regarding certain topics. I might blog about them as well.

And if you are interested in poetry, then you are on the right page. On a quick note, I’m still a beginner.

That’s all I have got to say. If there are any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

~Consulting Blogger


My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.