Castle On A Hill: The Final Stage

NOTE: The girl’s story will be narrated differently. Here’s the moment we all have been waiting for. Since the story is narrated by the girl to the wanderer, ‘I’ will henceforth refer to the girl.

I didn't give a reply
Lest I should forget my
Reason to come here.
Instead I placed all my
Curiosity before her.

She smiled and led the
Way to the fireplace.
With the voice of the wind
Narrated as softly as ever
A tale heard off before never.

I didn’t choose to be who I am. Maybe I can define it as how I was destined to be. I was born into a world of dreams. A world of expectations. Shaped by moralities and ideal models, I was expected to be just like every other person in my town. As a young girl, growing up was filled with curiosity. I often questioned the morals that my town was set on. I was more like a rebel. Rules weren’t my thing. But you see, being a girl has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that I was to be treated with gentleness and I was to be assumed sensitive. The disadvantages were that I was weak and gullible. I used my heart more than my head and I was driven by the fact that I was helpless. This was just the beginning. When I grew a bit older, I was faced with yet another challenge. Education. Some questions had to be answered and so I accepted the challenge. But little did I know that the answers I was seeking would not be found in the place I was searching. Yet I continued looking. While I was perceiving my education, I came across so many things. I realized that the world was way bigger than I had imagined it to be. There were so many things that had yet to be discovered by my young and curious mind.

I wouldn’t say that it was easy. Every time I faced a new problem, I learnt a new lesson. I made friends. I lost friends. But I learnt lessons. I made memories. I learned to experience failure, betrayal, success, happiness, pain, loss and love. One day, a question struck me. I had been going through some ups and downs. Things weren’t perfect as they should’ve been. But this one question changed the way I looked at myself. Is there something different within me? I knew there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t like my peers. I wasn’t like my siblings. I was experiencing something that I had tried avoiding before. And so I researched. I found out what was wrong with me. I found out that I was not just a part of my town. I was a part of a bigger community. I had discovered what my true identity was. But with this discovery, I was faced with a new problem. Now that I was aware of my true identity, would I be able to open up to people about how I felt? I wasn’t sure of this question that arose. It began troubling me. I started spending a lot of my time trying to be reasonable with myself. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t have to hide the way I was. But things weren’t too good. And this was just adding to my already-full-of-problems list. I let my thoughts fade away into the depths of my despair and moved on with my life. I came across many such questions as I grew. Sooner or later I had to find the answers or else I would lose my sanity. I gradually began to fade from reality. I started living in a world full of lies and deceits. I had become intolerable to my own kin. I was locked away from everything that once belonged to me.

I decided that it was time for me to set out and explore the depths of this world. And so I took my belongings and bid farewell to none. I walked days and nights. Through the storm and through the rain, I travelled in search of a place that would give me answers. After what seemed like weeks of travelling, I came across this abandoned castle. It looked just like the ones I would see in my dreams when I was nothing but I mere child. A place I had always wanted. Oddly, I felt welcome in this strange land. I thought no more. I went in and made the castle my own.

And so you see me now. A girl who looks beyond her age. A girl so alone in this cold, strange land. But no! This, I call home. I don’t intend to leave this place. At least not until I have the courage to face the harsh world. I came here in search of something and I won’t leave till I take with me what I need.

With this, the young woman finished her tale. She seemed to drift into a deep silence. I reflected upon what I had just witnessed. Everything that she said held a truth. A truth that I was searching for. With the knowledge that I had found what I had come for, I bid the young lady farewell and set on to tell her story to the world. I don’t know if what led me to the castle was just a coincidence or a trick played by fate, but there’s one thing that I am sure of. The castle on the hill was the answer to MY quest to find a truth hid by lies.

With this, we come to the end of our journey. Often, we are faced with questions that open a whole new world before us. We don’t understand the difference between the real world and the world that we dream of. We start to lose our minds in this web of lies. As a result, we lose our mental strength. We lose the ability to focus on our inner desires. And so I would like to tell you all to take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to build your own castle and experience the peace that you get when you find what you really want and who you really are. The world that we are living in now demands that we be courageous and most importantly, be true to ourselves.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I had a great time writing this piece. I hope you had a great time reading it too. I might probably go back to my regular blogs for some time. I hope I can present you with much more fun topics like this one.

Till then

This is your girl Jane signing off live (ignore the cringe).





Finally. The time has come to bring to you my very first official poem.

Presenting to you, ENGRAVED

Deep in the heart's core,
A thought arose so sore.
'If only I could break away
From the chains of the distant past.'

The heart is a stone;
Engraved within a message lone.
'Liberty is the greatest gift,
Mercy, the strongest weapon.'

Sculpted with beauty and grace,
She was adorned with the sun's rays.
She was born to nature, to love
Her father's words, her only foe.

Her soul is a burning fire,
Engraved with the deepest desire.
'To love is what I chose
To love is what mankind wants.'

Listen, oh listen to the cry!
She was chosen, without a sigh.
Fine feathers don't make fine birds;
Her future was engraved ere her past.
~Jane Jaclyn (Consulting Blogger)