Happiness, Pain, Boredom

Long time no see. No, I didn’t forget. I was just a little too busy loitering around, talking to flies and holding secret conversations with my pet giraffe, Jerry. Just kidding. Jerry is a giraffe. He is my, um, soft toy.

Straight to the point. I was playing this game called Cryptogram where you fill in the missing letters to complete a quote. And I came across one that went like this:

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.

~Arthur Schopenhauer

Try pronouncing that name. Anyways, what a coincidence. Pain, boredom and happiness, all in one sentence. Oh wait. Lemme change this a bit. It’s happiness, pain and boredom. You might think why the arrangement is important. Because it is.

Happiness. What is happiness? Is it the feeling of satisfaction when something is done? Is it the feeling of positive vibes and pleasure? These are Google’s opinion. But if I were to describe happiness in my words from my experiences, I would describe it is an emotion that comes slow and goes so fast. Sometimes even before it can be shared. Happiness has one best friend. Sadness. They are incomplete without each other. One hides when the other shines. And now the enemies. Happiness has two enemies. So much for being happy. Enemy no.1 : Pain. Pain, as far as I know, rhymes with my name. But why pain after happiness? Because I just told you that sadness and happiness are inseparable. So you know you are in pain(emotionally) when you are sad and vice versa. Let us look at it this way.

Happiness and sadness. Two best friends. But sadness and pain were friends even before happiness existed. Sadness and pain swore to never part ways. Not even death could separate these two. Until happiness was born. Happiness became the third-wheel in this painful, sad relationship. Soon, it was happy and sad. Pain couldn’t see this. He couldn’t take it any longer. This is where boredom comes in. (Boredom is not as evil as pain but it is equally irritating.) Pain hires boredom to ruin happiness. But here’s a twist. Boredom only made matters worse. Boredom brought along with him his friends; curiosity and excitement. And where curiosity and excitement go, the need to satisfaction follows. This road leads to happiness. And so the cycle continues.

Want a real life example? Take a look at the current lifestyle. People were happy. It was the beginning of a new year. 2020 was going to be different. And then pain strikes. What have we witnessed in 2020 so far?

  • Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Australian bushfire.
  • Ukrainian jetliner crash in Iran.
  • Devastating floods in Indonesia.
  • Communal riots in Delhi.
  • Taal volcano eruption.
  • Death of Kobe Bryant in helicopter crash.
  • Earthquakes in Turkey and the Caribbean.
  • Locusts swarm in East Africa.
  • Gas plant explosion in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Harry and Meghan ‘step back’.
  • UK’s most prolific rapist revealed.
  • Locust swarms spotted in India.( It’s just the beginning.)

And the list continues. Most of us are at home. What is our present state of mind? Happy? Um, I don’t think so. Pain? Somewhere yes. Boredom? Exactly. You see what I’m trying to say? People aren’t much afraid now. Covid has become an everyday thing. It’s up to God now. And the researchers. All we want is to get out our homes and go back to living our old lives. But it’s not easy. Life will never be easy till happiness, pain and boredom are in the same sentence.

Until next time.

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